Over $500 million in managed ad spend by an elite team of compassionate story tellers and data-geeks. We are sleeves-rolled-up creatives, analysts, and strategists aimed at finding the right audience at the right time.

Monetization Audit
Ad Placement Design
Implementation Planning
Yield Optimization
Network Management
Quality Control

About us


We strike the delicate balance between data and creative strategy, delivering customized communications that drive engagement and grow your brand. Adding a human touch to our machine-learning technology.

Our Leadership
Alex Merutka Head of Business Development Forbes 30 Under 30.

Alex Merutka

Head of Business Development
Rosie Osmun Head of Operations

Rosie Osmun

Head of Operations
Marco Fernandez Head of Mobile Apps

Marco Fernandez

Head of Mobile Apps
Monetization audit

We embark on a deep exploration into your campaign history, studying your greatest successes and toughest challenges. Identifying opportunities to generate and grow your ad revenue across every medium.

Implementation plan

We offer complete concierge service through the launch and scaling of your digital campaigns. Monitoring and responding to any placement or technical issues and rapidly expanding on newly discovered campaign growth spurts.

Implementation Plan
Network management

Our team ensures that campaign activity, resources and reporting are always fully operational and maintain high-value accuracy and returns. Analyzing overall performance and results that guide the development of future campaigns. Across all platforms.

Ad placement design

We design and optimize ad placements to surgically target the right customer at the right time, wherever they are online. No matter who you're looking to reach, we'll pinpoint their precise entry into your sales funnel.

Quality Control
Yield optimization

By using data analysis, machine learning and optimization techniques, we can effectively maximize performance and revenue to ensure your campaigns and inventory are converting at the highest possible value. Optimizing eCPM and revenue at the country or regional level.

Quality control

We ensure user privacy, regulatory compliance, and continued content optimization. Meeting and exceeding all best practices in regards to your users rights both regionally and globally.

Account Executive
Why work with us?

Knowing how to pull the right levers is our specialty. With us you not only get decades of experience in crafting surgical campaigns & media strategy, you get a hands-on partner that obsessively evaluates every influence powering your success.

Industry expertise
With a deep understating of  both the selling and buying side of mobile advertising, our team is able to maximize your ad spend and conversion rate by pulling together the best data from both worlds.
Multifaceted experience
Our team is built around expert digital advertisers, each averaging 10 years of experience hyper focused on e-commerce and omni-channel DTC brands. We come armed with a deep understanding of mobile apps, gaming, and consumer goods.
Performance partnership
Sometimes simply finding the right ad partner costs as much as a total campaign. We focus on building long-term relationships the blossom overtime. The more we understand our clients, the better results we get.
Client commitment
We only make money when you make money. The simplicity of our pricing model ensures that you get exactly what you signed up for, regardless of your ad spend.

Wondering what it’s like to be a part of our elite flock? Want to develop industry-defining customer acquisition solutions in the digital space? Let's get in touch...

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Monetization AuditAccount ExecutiveNeon Pluto FamilyWork Life BalanceMonetization AuditAccount ExecutiveNeon Pluto FamilyWork Life BalanceMonetization AuditAccount ExecutiveNeon Pluto FamilyWork Life Balance